Muddling in the Mud Once Again

Muddling in the Mud Once Again

Muddling in the Mud Once Again

Who would have thought that #fakenews was even a thing? Looking back to a week after the 2016 election, that’s about the first time I even heard the term. I wrote a blog about it then:

The term #fakenews is tossed around by everyone now, and even if they don’t use the term, there are those who will counter an actual news story, without vetting it themselves. Before the inauguration of the new president I wrote again about fake news with a chart about how to figure out what’s a legit source. As a journalist, I think it’s pretty easy to depict what’s real or not. I spend a lot of time reading and if something doesn’t sound legit, I research it! See the chart above for pretty no non-sense vetting.

A few months after the inauguration I thought, maybe we wouldn’t even stay afloat in a world of #fakenews, posting another treatise on it here: then it just seemed like, we were awash in it and had to deal with it. But as a news provider, we don’t have to deal with it. We can spend a few extra minutes to suss it out, be smart about it and make sure we get it right. Like, those who argue that something’s #fakenews when it can be proven with video, because, technology!

Let’s be intelligent and share real news stories with our friends, and when it’s our profession, with the masses.

I even have people who get on Facebook and tout what great work we do, because we take the time, to get it right!

[box type=”shadow”]“My radio station has been a client of RNS for over a year. Newscasts are clean, concise, on topic and on time” Walt Palmer – GM, News Radio WGMD, “The Talk of Delmarva” [/box]

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What’s your real news story? Care to share?

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