I know, I know, “why did you leave Montana”? It’s an age-old question, for me anyway. Everyone in Montana, “why would you move to New York?” and everyone everywhere else, “why would you leave Montana?”.

Why does anyone, without fear, do anything? I was so cozy in our little hideaway in the hills above Missoula, but it was supposed to be 5 years for a radio gig until I could get to the biggest market in the land. A pipe-dream at best, yes? Naaaaaa.

Really, I was looking for the next adventure. In terms of radio, Missoula, MT is an entry-level market and New York is the number 1 market. No brainer. But not easy (and I’m not working in New York radio).

Here’s the real deal, I just missed the Ocean!

I grew up in California, I spent almost every teenage weekend in Malibu at the beach. I have not traveled much at all across the U.S., so when the opportunity to live and work in Montana came, no brainer! It’s stunning for crying out loud! But the active in me, includes my mind and I needed some serious stimulation, and the Ocean! We would have actually stayed in Montana if the right opportunities worked there for my family, but New York came calling and we went. California? Been there, done that. I’m spoiled for sure.

And for the curious, we are not living in the city, we are near the ocean, on a canal, leading to the ocean. And I can smell the ocean. I have Swans, or as my husband calls them, White Deer, on our lawn every morning. I live for opportunity, and there’s opportunity on every corner in New York. I smell that too. And you know what? New York is more gorgeous than you know! I am so thankful we have this amazing opportunity.

What are YOU thankful for?

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