Man, I’m an Airhead
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Man, I’m an Airhead

Man, I’m an Airhead

Since I’m always posting management musings, I thought I should add some levity.

Speaking to my bestie today, relaying a story to her, that I decided I need to share here.

When you get to a certain age, do you really want to go to festival concerts anymore? I will go to a yoga festival any day of the week, but a rock festival. Naaa.

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers were coming to town, we were too slow getting tickets and they sold out. I saw they were playing at a festival concert and I opted not to do that, but I got super excited when I saw they were going to be playing a tiny venue, much closer to home. So I immediately pulled the trigger on the tickets.

I sent my husband an email and said I’m so excited, I got us tickets. He responded with some silly emoji of shrugging shoulders and said, “errrm, that’s the Red Hot Chili PIPERS”! Wow, blonde moment much? Apparently there’s a cover band for everything. These guys bagpipe to Red Hot Chili Pepper music.

Not only was I really bummed, I laughed. I mean it was stupid comical. We thought of going, but ultimately, and happily got a refund.

Truly, snort out loud funny.

What’s your silly airhead move? Care to share?

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