Letting Big Brother In

Letting Big Brother In

So what happened to the days when we said, no webcam because… Big Brother? Now we’re craving that connection.

Some of the best stuff going on right now is over the internet, thanks Al Gore! You’re probably pretty bummed you didn’t invest in Zoom about now, but seriously, if you don’t have a webcam on your computer, you’re missing life (life as we currently know it anyway).

I was part of a video conference for radio peeps this morning and feeling too lazy to stand at my console and use the computer with the camera, so I slouched in my writing and sales chair instead. (Let’s be clear, there is exactly no selling happening now, because it’s just gross to be on people for money.)

But it’s uber important to engage with your fellow man… and woman. Everyone wants to Zoom, FaceTime, Webex, you name it. I’ve been Zooming since 2013 as a studious follower of yoga. But this is a new era where people are schooling their kids online, working online, having happy hours, concerts and birthday parties, online.

So buy a webcam already! Or get an updated monitor with a camera on it would you? I just did, while in the middle of a Zoom conference where I somehow became the only questioner (If you know me, that’s really not a stretch). I realized I needed that face to face connection and let’s face it, I didn’t want to leave the meeting, stand up, log on to another computer, just to be seen, but dang, it’s important to sometimes not be that anonymous.

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