Just a Small Town Girl

Just a Small Town Girl

Just a Small Town Girl

I just got home from a visit to my second home, Montana.

I left Los Angeles, raring to leave the hustle and bustle of a big city, and raise my kids in a different place. Not that they wouldn’t appreciate Los Angeles and the convenience of being in a big city, but Montana was always a dream spot. Plus I wanted to live in a town like Stars Hollow 😉

After 10 years as a talent agent and in and out of radio, I was ready. Take a job in a small town, get proper experience, move in 5 years, done! Sound of screeching tires… Not so fast! Life took me on a very different path. A really, windy one, with job loss, heartbreaking job loss, the kind of job you’ve only dreamt about, but then had it ripped out from under you (it’s a whole Oprah show). We persevered, because there was no other choice. I took crappy jobs, like you do… in a small town. (I had young kids, my husband had a decent job, but these days, you need two incomes, right? And the rest of my story is all over the place, so I won’t bore you…)

The aspirations to be a big time network news anchor went away and being happy became the thing. I mean, who doesn’t want THAT (the happy bit)?

So we stayed 11 years in small town Montana. After 9 I became really bored. I started applying for gigs outside of Montana even though my business was doing well and my husband got a great job, out of boredom. You see the yearning to be a small town girl was gone.

After 11 years, we made it to New York (another long and windy road) and here we are.

Last week I went back to Montana. And while I absolutely love its beauty and miss it in so many ways, my home is in a bustling city, obvi. While we don’t live in New York city per se’. I am close enough to now have work as a network anchor (very part time), for fun, because I just love radio that much, and my oh my, am I having fun! Plus I still get to work at home 5 days a week.

I feel so lucky. I’m a small town girl at heart, but with big town ambitions.

What’s your favorite career adventure?

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