It’s Getting Hot in Here, I Can Be Goldilocks

It’s Africa hot for June in Montana. I’m starting to become concerned about my sanity writing news while dealing with the climate in my office. (It’s supposed to get to 105 next week!)

Thankfully I work alone so nobody can hear my constant complaining. It’s a complaint when it’s too cold and it’s a complaint when it’s too hot, I need to be more like Goldilocks, and find it all just right. At least that’s the message, right?

This may not seem like a management kind of thing to worry about, but indeed it is! How do we stop ourselves when we are the weensy bit uncomfortable (people in our industry do get dramatic, yes?).

Finding the middle ground when we are up in arms about the climate, whether it’s the actual weather or the political climate. I’ve found it’s always best to cool off before approaching whatever the situation is. Or find a sounding board, someone you don’t work with.

Instead of running from hot to cold and right out the door. Why not think first?

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