It’s About The Money Honey!

It’s About The Money Honey!

I once called on a radio station to see what they’re doing for local news. They are a news talker, so one would think they’d naturally run local news, wrong!

I’m usually pretty peppy when I do the round of calls, asking how they are, etc. On the rare occasion, I get someone who’s just having a bad day. I can usually get passed that and get a laugh, but this one took me aback. “We’re not really known for news here and we’re gonna keep it that way.” MMMMMMkay.

But wait… what? Really. You have a news talk radio station. This.does.not.equate.

It’s like when I moved to Montana and the sales people, who were mostly all Republican didn’t want to sell Progressive Radio (in a VERY liberal town). It’s about the money honey!

It does not matter what your political persuasion is, it does not matter what your personal opinion is about running news (on a news talk station), it does not matter if you met your yearly quota. Go over and above, go for discomfort, go for the unthinkable, go for the money!

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