It Can Happen to You

It Can Happen to You

I write about it, I read about it, but never in a million years (if one were to live that long), did I imagine I would be hacked. Yep, last week, while trolling the web, on a site I visit everyday, my computer was hacked. I saw a face with a caption that said “I am hacking your computer” ee gads, jumped off that page pretty quick!

Not moments later, I got an email from Godaddy, that my account was frozen due to too many log in attempts. Hmm, haven’t visited there in months. Then moments after that fraud detection text from my bank, someone tried buying an airline ticket using my business account credit card. At this point, my heart is pounding and I’m thinking, what’s next, ransom?

From what I’ve learned from watching tons of crime TV, your computer can be hacked for money! What the heck?! So I turned it off, called the credit bureaus, bank accounts and police, yes police! And dragged my desktop to the computer doctor. My computer is now solid. 13 viruses! And I had a program.

Lessons learned: don’t download just anything without knowing what it is. When buying items on the internet, use a phone or tablet, they cannot be hacked and always, always have a paid for anti-virus program (which I did, but… oh well)!

Ever happened to you? Please so share your experience!

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