I Marie Kondo’d My Rolodex – Time Suck City

I Marie Kondo’d My Rolodex – Time Suck City

While adding a few new people to my contacts I met at a recent “Up Front” event in New York City, I realized I have a whole slew of others that I no longer need to keep tabs on.

I moved three years ago and in that time, I stopped doing news in one town and took on others. So there were literally 250 people in my “rolodex” (remember that?) I needed to weed out. Oh man was that a time warp and a time suck!

I found Sheriffs and Fire Chiefs, spokespeople for mayors and other politicians and even a number for the White House (do they even answer that anymore?). There were doctors and “friends” I no longer talk to or need to be in touch with. I realized it’s time to Marie Kondo (or Konmari?) my contacts.

Some people get super paranoid about doing the cleaning up of the business contacts. “What if I need to call that random Sheriff in the town of 500 one day?” Nah, not gonna happen. I am beyond obsessive with keeping out the clutter. Let’s not even get into how often I clean and rearrange things in my office!

When’s the last time you Marie Kondo’d your office space?

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