I am so not THAT!

I am so not THAT!

Do you know a micro-manager? Or, ee-gads, have you worked for one? I have, so I do my best to leave my people alone. This has not always served me well. And when I’ve asked to see work, it’s not always what I hoped it would be.

But does that mean you start looking at every, single, piece, of, work, they, do? Too many commas, uh ya. In other words, if someone fails at their job one day, do you check again the next? Certainly! But do you check everyday after that? Maybe. I might check someone’s work and find they’re not exactly who I thought I hired so I will keep track for a time and choose if they should stay. It’s hard from afar, but so necessary. There are some people, you simply never have to check. Clients love them, they don’t ask for much, they’re never sick, they show up on time. But the ones who have the craziest excuses for taking a day off, “I cut my hand on the coffee pot” (yes, THAT happened), are usually the ones who need to be micro-managed.

Don’t you just hate that word though? Micro-manage. First of all it’s a contraction, so there’s that. “Tiny, organization”? No. Someone who looks over your shoulder every second they can. Yep. Maybe even forsaking their own work? Yep. I once worked with one who grinded me on a daily basis I ended up getting fired for complaining! Crazy, right? This same person is still at that same job and one of their current employees, a former colleague of mine, emailed me recently that they were texted 61 times in 30 minutes by this person. JUST.SHOOT.ME. I will not ever do that to anyone. And I will never take that from anyone. If there are 5 texts/emails/calls in 30 minutes, chances are there’s a tornado in Oklahoma, a bomb at a marathon or an earthquake in a third world country.

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