$h%t’s Getting Real

$h%t’s Getting Real

I’ve been doing news in Mendocino/Lake counties since I started my company. They voted big for Bernie (wait for it) and had barely been hit by COVID.

The health officer in Mendo had said there would be a surge this summer and a peak by Labor Day. They only had a handful of cases at the time. I just report, I don’t add opinion. But I thought, meh, they barely have anyone sick there.

The last week cases have been skyrocketing. Today each county had their 1st death. This sh– is real folks. People don’t want to wear a mask because of their “rights”, the most selfish act I can think of, or it’s socialism (but you voted for the King of all Socialists?), or communism or wtf? The same people who want to complain because they can’t go to Church, the gym, out to eat, get their nails done, or hair colored.

I am astounded about my home state of Calif. The Gov. must be so frustrated, it all seemed to be handled. And what’s happening in Florida, beyond astounding, where’s THAT guy? He doesn’t deserve to run a summer camp, let alone a giant state filled with vulnerable people.

Texas and Arizona, now North Carolina. Oh and South Dakota, are you people for the possibility of forest fires around a monument you so desperately decry shouldn’t be removed? WHAT in the ACTUAL F people?

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