Have it All

When I started my company it was to be OF SERVICE to stations who couldn’t otherwise afford a local news “team”. You know, like the one to five people that many stations used to employ.

Now it seems like a luxury to even have one person on your team, or even 1 ½ , the other ½ to go out and occasionally catch a meeting and maybe anchor a few newscasts.

What if you could HAVE IT ALL? We can be your News Director, Anchor, and grab sound from breaking news sources. It sounds unbelievable that you could have that full of a sound without paying out all of the benefits so many small market stations can no longer afford.

Why not ring us up for a no-strings market demo? After all, you can #haveitall and #whathaveyougottolose

Custom News Content for all of your stations!

Interested in how it works? We’ll happily produce a market-focused demo for you within 6 hours. We look forward to hearing from you (and helping you sell out your news blocks in no time!).

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