Freak Out or Bliss Out

One of the things I try to impart to my kids is to do what you love and love what you do. So while this past week has been devastating for many, it’s been the kind of work I feel the most fulfilled by.

Terrible to say, that yes, I enjoy reporting news? Or that I have to report on devastating catastrophes? I could sit here and totally freak out or be grateful I am doing something that gratifies and fulfills me.

Being able to report actual news and information that people need and want to hear is a refreshing change from the day to day nonsense going on in D-C. It’s been quiet there for the most part and good things seem to be happening quickly to help Hurricane survivors. And reporting that is enjoyable.

Sometimes we just have to numb ourselves and almost become like a concrete wall, no movement, no expression and almost act when we are reporting or we could fold up and close off. Or we can derive some sort of joy because we are being of service to others.

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