Forward Thinking Journalism

I’ve written about all sorts of things here, managing, micro-managing, anchoring, reporting and being human.
There’s been a lot of that being human business mixed with reporting and anchoring lately.

Not to belittle this extremely important job that I am proud to do, but being excited by horrifying events is over. I’m going to be happy when it’s a slow news day, because otherwise, it’s just not human. Sitting by the television, glued to the events of late or glued to the phone or computer is hurting my heart, my head and my body.

I have decided that instead of moaning about this job that’s really a gift, that I need to share what I learn with the masses, right? Isn’t that what we do? Enough of the ignorance floating around, we all need to report, like they told us in Journalism school, WITHOUT bias. It’s really easy to do that if you’re a reporter and your digging for information, you report what you find out, right? But not so much if you’re reporting what other people are posting online, in certain publications and, the worst, taking opinion as fact.

Remembering that citizen Journalism is a thing! I can’t say how many times I’ve reached out to Twitter for eyewitness accounts of things I need to report.

Last week, it was Twitter’s sister, Periscope. I found someone in the garage across from where police blew up a robot, killing the man who killed their colleagues during, what had been, up until then, a peaceful protest. Phew!

For that, I will always be glued to my computer or phone. Someone with their eyeballs on the event telling you what is happening as you too can see it is the way.

Forward thinking Journalism.

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