Follow the Narrative

Follow the Narrative

We pride ourselves on reporting “Hyper-Local” news for our clients, but what happens when National News continually spills into your Hyper-Local hemisphere?

You report on it, naturally.

When I started Remote News Service, it was of the mindset that there would be radio stations that need local news, really, super, duper, local. And that a station may not be able to afford a person in house, so they should hire us because we specialize in Hyper-Local news. Suddenly managers started asking us for national news too. Or how about all local, but when a major national story of significance breaks, hit that too? Of course, this is custom content, so you can have whatever you want. But what happens when the resources that are normally oozing with localism start talking about national politics? Why, you cover that too, of course.

Listeners of certain formats want to hear certain kinds of news, we know this. But when the same narrative is being played out in newspapers, news sites and local TV news outlets across the country, do we set ourselves apart and risk ratings slides, stick to Hyper-Local content, or follow the narrative?

What do you think?

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