Fake News, It’s a Thing

Before the election of Donald Trump I read on Facebook that Hillary and Bill Clinton had been taken to an island by Anthony Weiner where small children were sexually abused by the trio. Of course, eye-roll, how can you believe that, but, as we’ve learned, there are those who do.

Besides Donald Trump himself being surprised he won, the world was in shock November 8th. And being glued to what I assume were actual news sources myself, I too was stunned. How could every Cable news network and the many newspapers that endorsed Hillary Clinton have been wrong? Not to mention numerous polls too.

I ended up being the social media police, reading posts on other people’s pages and trying to reason with them, who quite frankly did not want to be reasoned with.

It dawned on me when I read on a friend’s page who was earnestly trying to find real news sources she could trust, after a friend of hers posted for her to follow The Onion. So I asked “you do know that’s satire?”. “You’re kidding” they responded. So voila, here’s what I’ve compiled for those who care of reliable, actual sites with real journalists and a list of fake, satirical or sensational news sites. Please feel free to reach out and add any you can think of I may have missed.

It’s also important to note some of the tenants of real journalists: Accuracy, Fairness, Completeness, Honesty, Independence, Impartiality, Transparency, Accountability, Respect, Excellence.

AllSides (allsides.com)
Alternet (alternet.org)
Arabic: Al Jazeera English (aljazeera.com)
Asian: Asia Times (atimes.com)
British: BBC News (bbc.com)
British: openDemocracy (opendemocracy.net)
British: The Guardian (guardian.co.uk/)
Canadian: Global Research (globalresearch.ca/)
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) (fair.org)
PBC, BBC, Cspan
ProPublica (propublica.org)
Reuters (reuters.com)
Reveal (The Center for Investigative Reporting)(revealnews.org)
Russian: RT (rt.com)
Sputnik (sputniknews.com)
The Center for Public Integrity (publicintegrity.org)
The Christian Science Monitor (csmonitor.com)
The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/us)
The Nation (thenation.com)
The Real News Network (therealnews.com)
Truthout (truth-out.org)
Who, What, Why (whowhatwhy.org)
Wikinews (https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Main_Page)
WorldNews (WN) Network (wn.com)

(This list is so long, I’ve attached a link instead):

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