Don’t Harass the Hirer
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Don’t Harass the Hirer

I recently ran an ad for news anchors needed, which I do about once a year to freshen up our fill in list and hear who’s out there. But it never fails, a handful, just don’t read the ad and send away…

You can say no phone calls, and they call; you can say no links, and they link to their site; you can say please have 2 years daily news experience, and they’ve got zero; you can say send demo and resume, and they send a note about their experience with no actual referencing of it. The fact is you can spout off whatever you want and only half of the people who are looking will listen/read.

My favorites are the ones where you (the manager, hirer) respond with something friendly to explain the above position and they either tell you off, which makes for a poor introduction (don’t ya think?) or tell you the 100 reasons (in 75 emails) about why they are the best person you will ever find. Note, the best person I will ever find, is one who pays attention, follows instructions, shows respect for the client and fellow workers and gets the job done with very little training (because they’re experienced!).

Oh, and as an aside, don’t tell me what a sorry state Journalism is in, I disagree and your politics are showing.


Still looking 😉

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