Don’t Demean Me Bro

Don’t Demean Me Bro

When you’re talking to a potential partner, associate, vendor, or employee, for all that is holy, please don’t call them “Missy”.

I am the owner of a company so I can hang up on someone, but I am also a respectful, smart business owner and can quickly detach and shut up. So I held my cool for the “gentleman” from the South when he referred to me as Missy. Um, Sir, no.

I’m so grateful to be in a place that I can pick and choose who to do business with. When it’s not a match, it’s not a match, #byeboy. I am not desperate enough to take on misogynistic clients. Poor or rich, I hope to work with people who understand our mission. I believe that treating other humans with respect is crucial to continuing the human experience in a positive, and profound way, where we can be successful together, as one.

It is never okay to assume someone is okay with gender titles that may not match them. In this case, yes, I identify as female, and she/her/hers, but not as Missy, lady, hey you, sweetie, you get the gist. I was called sweetie recently by another company I opted not to work with. I guess I pissed that guy off. Meh, whatever.

Are men referred to as anything nearly demeaning? I’m trying to think of something equally belittling and I find myself at a loss. A rarity. Got one? Please share, I’m all about learning. After all, I’m curious, I’m a journalist.

And so I get to choose not to do business with someone who, before signing my contract is already demeaning, diminishing and making me feel invisible. Oh but he likes my voice, so there’s that.

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