Digging in the Dirt

Digging in the Dirt

Journalism school was a million years ago, but I do remember the Pentagon Papers. I worry for the future of my industry. Journalism is in trouble.

Yes, true, I’m not an investigative journo, though I’ve had small time turns at it. Now I mostly report local news and try to help stations that can’t afford to hire journalists, find a way to do that.

I am a proponent of Journalism 101: some of what we know, Be Objective and Report the Facts. But after this weekend of “Alternative News” and “Disagreeing with Facts”, how can a solid journalist do their job? The whole industry has been flipped on its head.

Some journalists from the old Pentagon Papers story have an editorial out, “We Broke the Pentagon Papers Story, Here’s How to Investigate Donald Trump.”

I’ve been saying this for weeks, to my friends, in private: a busy, but quiet, behind the scenes, digging in the dirt, all the way to China if needed, journalist is going to Investigate Donald Trump. And they might find something.

But what if a bunch of private, busy, quiet, behind the scenes, digging in the dirt, all the way to China if needed, journalists got together to uncover some of the alleged truths about Trump? His business dealings in Scotland come to mind or his supposed win of the popular vote because 3-4 million illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton. Just 2 days in and we have a potpourri of decisions to make. Are we so battered and beaten up or just afraid what the future may bring if we shine some light on the president? It didn’t seem to hurt Bernstein and Woodward. Although, not sure they’re friends anymore.

What do you think?

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