Cyber Creepin’ on LinkedIn

Cyber Creepin’ on LinkedIn

Ever think it’s weird that you can be seen by someone if you looked at their profile? Ever get a little jolt, like OH? They looked at mine? Or, an eye-roll?

But LinkedIn is great for finding most people you want to be in touch with. I’ve been using this platform since the beginning and stacking up connections that I’ve done exactly nothing with. I’m learning how inefficient that was.

But have you ever thought about making yourself incognito so people don’t know you’re looking at them? I’m talking to you!

In my slow tip-toe back to marketing my little company that could as the country slowly reopens, I have been sending notes to people I’d really like to connect with. And I wonder, can they see how long I’m sitting on their profile? I mean, of course they can’t, but what if they could? Or what if they could see that I checked out their profile, left, then oops, I forgot to look at one more thing, and jumped back on, then off again? How revealing that would be!

Then when I look at someone’s profile on twitter or Facebook, I think, oh thank goodness they don’t know I’m creeping on their page. But it would be cool to see who was creeping on mine!

What have YOU gained from LinkedIn creepin’? #dotell

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