Broadcasting Could Die with Trump

Broadcasting Could Die with Trump

As if the Fake News epidemic wasn’t enough… Congress quietly sticks a line in to the latest Defense bill that could mean the end to the Board of Governors of Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the beginning of Corporate Government radio. A CEO would be put in charge instead.

If the Board is truly inept, as is rumored, and a neutral CEO is brought in, that could be good, BUT, and I mean a big BUT, what if they’re not neutral? What if we have Breitbart on steroids as our official radio and TV broadcast that’s sent all over the world as U-S propaganda instead of U-S news? What happens to the $800 million a year budget? Who gets paid what, who divies out the pay to who and most importantly, where does the information, that’s being disseminated come from?

There are certainly a lot of if’s that are attached to this latest bit of news, but this hits home for many broadcasters. Does it mean they will not have a voice? Does it mean they start peddling fake news stories? Hate to even broach that, but it IS possible, no?

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