Being Neutral is THEE thing

I’m not even talking about writing the News. I’m talking about every single thing you do in life. You’re in line at the market, it’s taking forever, can you remain neutral and not lose your s**t on the clerk or manager? It’s a process. And ya, what about the everyday minutiae? Do you get super stressed when the coffee maker is on the fritz (insert screaming face emoji here)? A light bulb goes out, you lose power at your house (think about those Californians who had to deal with 4 intentional power downs in 2 weeks)? I was just reading from a business manual that said, keeping a neutral mind, not being too positive, and not getting too negative will “bring riches”, I’ll buy that. Sometimes I just get totally annoyed at the most mundane everyday details of life. Frustrated, viscerally embittered by an email or text. React? Of course right away. Ha! That’s the dumbest thing I always do. I’ve now got a note up in my office that says “Later”, because quite frankly I don’t need to answer someone else impulsively. I will take a deep breath, maybe count to ten? Or ten hours, that’s more like it. Why is everyone rushing around all the time anyway? And for sure while writing news, unless it’s breaking and I’ve got a 2 minute deadline, I’m breathing, thinking, deliberately waiting… New Year’s Evolution maybe? What’s yours?

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