Anchoring Without a Tooth

Anchoring Without a Tooth

Tra la la working on Black Friday, NBD. After lunch, I took a bite of hard chocolate and BOOM! cracked off front crown.

At times like these I’m thrilled I’m on the radio and not TV, and how about those masks? I mean with all the complaining people are doing about wearing a mask, I’m actually thrilled to cover up my mouth right now (don’t forget your nose!).

It’s a cautionary tale too. Just the other day, the one and only Katie Couric, who I absolutely adore, posted an old photo of herself on Instagram with a silver tooth (she fell off her bike as a kid), same here Katie. I had one, and apparently the crown from eons ago decided it couldn’t take it anymore and bailed on me.

So many things to be thankful for, for real! Working at home, dental insurance, mask wearing, family who reminds it’s perfectly fine to laugh at yourself, and last but not least, knowing how to use your voice in such a way that nobody can tell, you’re anchoring without a tooth.

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