A Digital Diet is not a Thing

A Digital Diet is not a Thing

Just stop it! You’re not super hip or grabbing the public’s attention with your catchy phrase, you’re confusing us! You influencers talking about taking a break from social media, I’m talking to you.

It really grinds my gears when someone announces on social media that they’re taking a break from social media. You know how I will know you’re taking a break from social media? When you disappear. If I want to know what’s up, I’ll call or text you to make sure you’re all good. Not because you announce it, then suddenly pop up a day later.

A “digital detox” or “digital diet” is not a thing. Just put your phone away, there done, wipe your hands of it.

I mean, what does it even mean, that you’re taking 10% off? or 50? A week, a month or half a day? Find some willpower and take the social media apps off your phone. Go read a book, play some music, dance, do something that makes you feel good. For all that is holy.

You won’t feel bad about yourself if you take care of yourself, but for cryin’ eyes, don’t announce it, k?

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