I’m Overwhelmed by Your Techno-Babble

I’m Overwhelmed by Your Techno-Babble

My website is super cool. I paid for a super cool site. I love my website (http://remotenewsservice.com). But I am confused by the Techno-Babble that goes with my super bitchin’ website.

So you mean that having a super coolio place for people to see is NOT the end of the work? Hell no.

I am spending way more time online, learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rates, Google Analytics, WordPress Add-ons, Themes and Plugins, Growth Hacking, Onboarding and Landing Pages, you name it. And my head is spinning.

It’s like, whatever happened to good old fashion pick up the phone sales and marketing? Everything is so fast, so techo-savvy, app-filled-stay in your chair, don’t get on the phone confusing.

I recently needed to change Service Providers, what used to be an anxiety-filled 3-4 weeks of oh my gawd can I get an I.T. person turned into literally hundreds of tweets and direct messaging nightmarish, can you please just call me like in the old days please?

I know, I’m a walking enigma. I created a technologically advanced company that makes my head spin every time I try to update my website.

I’m just looking for the mid-way point. You know that place in between? Like ok, I understand and my eyes aren’t totally glassing over and 10 years ago.

Can I get an amen?

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