Crossing the Crisis

Crossing the Crisis

I read something this morning, a famous quote, I forget by who, because I was doing ten other things at once. The gist, just when you want to give up, forge ahead, because that’s where the gold is.

I’ve been faced with many “crises” during my career. Moving across the country for my dream job that lasted 5 minutes. Or that time I had to have major surgery with a brand new company so I hired someone I couldn’t really afford, went back to work too soon and cried at my desk in pain. (Turns out speaking on the radio takes a lot of breath, and so does lung surgery.) Or in 2009 when my rate card turned to dirt because nobody could afford anything anymore and a couple clients left at once. Or when I couldn’t take that extremely exciting business trip I paid for because my husband suddenly needed surgery. Or that other time that I planned a dream trip with my husband, and three clients bailed for financial reasons, all in 3 days. (We went.) Shall I go on? I didn’t think so. You know what, it’s just plain life.

The point is, we forge ahead. I forge ahead because damn, this is fun! I hate not getting enough sleep and the sudden bags under my eyes, but I get to tell people what is up. I get to ask people, what is up and I get to read, what is up. I don’t have a soul-sucking, cubicle sitting, I want to stick a fork in my eye kind of job. It is definitely not lost on me that I am beyond blessed to do something I love. So the next time I feel bad about myself I’m going to go back and read the first paragraph here and remind myself not to let the burnout burn me out.

Tell me your story.

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