Don’t Harass the Hirer
Radio DJ. Young man with microphone and headphone.

Don’t Harass the Hirer

Don't harass the hirer. The person who does the hiring. The manager who will expect professionalism which you're not giving by not follow simple instructions in the help wanted ad.

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What’s a Journalist To Do?

I mean, the White House Journos may soon be kicked to the curb. The new spokesman for the Trump Administration says it’s to make room for more reporters, but reporters…

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Should I Eat My Hat?

You remember that old colloquialism, I’ll Eat My Hat, if… Last week I was talking about how important it is for the press to cover OTHER news, you know, news that MATTERS. I was, wait for it, another colloquialism, Called to the Mat, for saying any tidbit about the President Elect should be considered news. But I humbly disagreed.

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