Follow the Narrative

Should we set ourselves apart and report all Hyper-Local news, or follow the narrative set out by news media across the country.

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Crossing the Crisis

I forge ahead because damn, this is fun! I hate not getting enough sleep and the sudden bags under my eyes, but I get to tell people what is up. I get to ask people, what is up and I get to read, what is up. I don't have a soul-sucking, cubicle sitting, I want to stick a fork in my eye kind of job. It is definitely not lost on me that I am beyond blessed to do something I love.

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New Year, Same Story

My blog used to be called "Adventures in Management" because I felt like I spent most of my time moving from one crisis to the next.

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Another School Shooter, I Don’t Even Know His Name

Another school shooting and what do the networks do? They rush to figure out, who's the shooter? Why did he do it, what's his religion, skin color, family status, etc. Then they plaster his face EVERY WHERE YOU LOOK. The pundits come out of the woodwork, this one with a psych degree, this guy who used to be a professor of English (one was killed last week), and someone who's pro-gun rights, etc. What does any of that matter in the scheme of things. Time fill.

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